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Thanks for checking out my website. As a way of introduction, and to provide a little background on how we both ended up here at DEFUNKT PHOTOGRAPHY - my name is Stephen Diamond and I am a freelance photographer. Since you are here, this means you are likely looking to hire a photographer!

Well, let me tell you about myself...

Although I began my photography in college, it was a second thought during my years in the finance industry at an investment bank in New York City. After realizing that I did not want a career in Banking, it became clear that I wanted photography to be a greater part of my life. Photography has always brought me joy, whether it was the thrill and challenge of taking the best shots, finding new perspectives, or excitement of developing unseen film negatives. I believe that I offer a unique view of the world, and that others (like you) can benefit from it.

Now, let me explain how I got the name DEFUNKT PHOTOGRAPHY. It started a few years ago when brainstorming creative handles for my personal Instagram (now my professional). For as long as I can remember, I had a fondness for old and vintage things. I even often felt I was born in the wrong decade or am an old-soul at heart. A lot of these old things I treasured were defunct at some point. For example, vinyl records were replaced by CD's, film cameras replaced by digital, and old cars succeeded by newer models with more gizmos and gadgets. I appreciated the simplicity and analog nature of these defunct outdated things. They have more character, and are more involved and satisfying to use. I want to bring these defunct things back, so thus the handle @bringdefunkt_back was born.

You may be asking, "Why the 'K' in defunct though?". Well, it was not because someone already had the handle with defunct spelled properly, but as a music lover I wanted to bring some funk to the handle - be a little different. When coming up with the name for my freelance photography company that specializes in film photography, it all came full circle and was clear that the name still fits the bill. Although I offer photography services for numerous applications, including automotive, travel, wedding and portraiture - concert photography lies at the core of DEFUNKT PHOTOGRAPHY (and not just funk music). If you are a band or individual artist of any genre looking for a photographer at your show or for promotional material, I would be happy to provide my services.

Thank you again for checking out and considering DEFUNKT PHOTOGRAPHY for your photography needs! Even if you are not looking for film photo services, I am equipped and experienced to satisfy your digital photography needs. Please reach out via the 'CONTACT' page for any questions, or comments if you are just a fan of my work =)


Stephen Diamond

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